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        Mixing equipment series

        DSH series double spiral cone mixer

        Profile:DSH series double helix cone mixer is a new type, high efficiency, high precision mixing equipment, widely used in the mixing of various powdery materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, feed and other industries. The rotation of the machine is completed by a set of motor and cycloid reducer. It adopts two-screw asymmetric mixing, which makes the mixing range of the material large, and the mixing speed is fast. It is more suitable for the mixing of materials with a large proportion and a large mixing.

        Detailed description

        Product Overview The
         ??  spiral and the rotation of the material cause the material to generate compound motion in the cone. It mainly produces four types of motion: 
         1. The spiral orbits the wall to make the material move in a circular motion along the cone wall; 
         2. The spiral rotates the material from the bottom of the cone. Spiral rise; 
         3. The male and female composite movement of the spiral causes a part of the material to be absorbed into the cylindrical surface of the spiral while being subjected to the centrifugal force of the spiral rotation to discharge a part of the material in the cylindrical surface of the spiral toward the cone; 
         4. The rising material is subject to Decrease in gravity. The four types of motion create convection, shear, and diffusion in the mixer to achieve rapid and uniform mixing.

           Product features
         ◎ can be equipped with flying knife, spray atomization assembly, to meet the special process requirements. 
         ◎Feeding valve has manual and pneumatic two ways. 
         ◎Special materials can increase the motor power (increasing).

           The products are applied
         ??  in powders and powders (solid-solid) such as chemicals, medicines, pesticides, dyes, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, powders and liquids (solid-liquid), liquids and liquids (liquid-liquid), and reactions. Dry and cool.

           Technical specifications

        Full volume(m 3 )0.30.5124610
        Loading factor0.4-0.6
        Mixture material size(um)40-3000
        Working conditionsNormal temperature, atmospheric pressure, dust seal
        Each production(kg)1803006001200240036006000
        Mixing time(min) 4-10 (special material determined by test)
        Total Weight(kg)5001,00012001500280035004500

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