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        Drying equipment series

        FZG square static vacuum dryer

        Profile:Vacuum drying is to dry the material to be dried under vacuum conditions. It uses a vacuum pump to pump air and dehumidify, leaving the studio in a vacuum state. The drying rate of the material is greatly accelerated, and it also saves energy. Vacuum drying equipment is divided into static drying and dynamic drying machines. YZG cylindrical type, FZG square vacuum dryer is a static type vacuum dryer, SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is dynamic...

        Detailed description

        Working principle The
         ??  so-called vacuum drying is drying and heating the material under vacuum conditions. If vacuum pumping is used for dehumidification, the drying speed is accelerated. 
        ?? Note: If using a condenser. The solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser. If the solvent is water, the condenser can be used without saving energy investment.

           Performance characteristics
         ◎ material solution under vacuum boiling point lower. Increases the heat transfer driving force of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved for a certain amount of heat transfer. 
         ◎ The heat source for evaporation operation can be low-pressure steam or waste heat steam. 
         ◎ The evaporator has little heat loss. 
         ◎ It can be disinfected before drying. No impurities are contaminated in the drying process. It meets GMP requirements. 
         ◎ belongs to static vacuum dryer. Therefore, the shape of the dried material will not be damaged.

           The adapted materials are
         ??  suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials that are easily decomposed, polymerized, and degraded at high temperatures; they are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and electronics industries.


        Technical specifications

        Drying box size1500×1060×12201500×1400×12201500×1800×1220
        Drying box outside size1513×1924×17201513×1924×20601513×1924×2500
        Bake layer number5812
        Distance between layers122122122
        Drying tray size460×640×45460×640×45460×640×45
        Number of baking plates203248
        Drying tube pressure≤0.784≤0.784≤0.784
        Bake rack use temperature35-15035-15035-150
        Empty vacuum in the box-0.09 to 0.096
        Gasification rate of water at -0.1MPa and heating temperature 110 o C7.27.27.2
        When using a condenser, vacuum pump model, power2X-70A / 5.5KW2X-70A / 5.5KW2X-90A / 2KW
        Without the condenser, vacuum pump model, powerSK-3 / 5.5KWSK-6 / 11KWSK-6 / 11KW
        Drying box weight140021003200

        Note: The water ring vacuum pump is used in conjunction with supercharging to increase the vacuum.

        Ordering Information
         ◎ When ordering, please select an appropriate vacuum dryer according to the factors such as the final moisture content of the dried material, the final moisture content of the moisture content, and the vacuum drying time. The same type of vacuum drying machine there are four kinds of the electrically heated vapor hot thermal oil heating. For example, in order to increase the amount of drying can be appropriate to increase the number of drying rack please promptly to our factory. 
         ◎ The accessories in the vacuum drying system mentioned in the user's manual can be provided and installed for users. Please specify when ordering. 
         ◎The company can provide design, manufacture and installation of special requirements in the vacuum drying system proposed by users. 
         ◎The company's equipment implements quality assurance for users. All accessories, long-term provide, please rest assured users.

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