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        Drying equipment series

        HZG series rotary drum dryer

        Profile:HZG Rotary Drum Dryer is a cylindrical body whose main body is slightly inclined and can adjust the rotation speed within a certain range. The wet material is fed into the cylinder by the feeding machine, and the plate feeder of the inner cylinder is uniformly turned. The material is evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer and is in full contact with the hot air (co-current or counter-current) passing through the drum to speed up dry heat transfer and mass transfer. In order to achieve the purpose of drying. The device can use various forms of copy board to adapt

        Detailed description

         ??  wet material from the dryer is put into one end of the inner cylinder cloth copy turning plate reader, the homogeneous distribution of material in the dryer with the dispersion, and contact and full flow (countercurrent) hot air, speed up the drying mass Heat, spread to the driving force. During the drying process, the material can be regulated to move to the other star discharge valve of the dryer to discharge the product under the action of the tilting plate and the hot air flow.

           Adapt to the material
         ◎ chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries large particles, dry material than the major, such as: mines, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate fertilizer, ammonium sulfate. 
         ◎For the drying of powder and granular materials with special requirements, such as: HP foaming agent, distiller's grains, light calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, and dregs. 
         ◎Requires low-temperature drying, and large batches of continuous drying materials.

           Performance characteristics
         ◎ Rotary dryer has a high degree of mechanization and a large production capacity. 
         ◎ The resistance of the fluid through the cylinder is small and the function consumption is low. 
         ◎ The adaptability to material properties is relatively strong. 
         ◎ Stable operation, low operating cost, and good product drying uniformity.


           Technical specifications


        modelDirect heating downstreamDirect heating downstreamDirect heating countercurrentDirect heating countercurrentComposite heatingComposite heating
        Material typeoreHP foaming agentBlast furnace slagThiammoniumPhosphate fertilizercoal
        Processing capacity (kg/h)1,0004661500020000120005000
        Water content (%)301361.556.5
        Final moisture content (%)150.310.10.10.1
        Average particle size (mm)
        Material accumulation weight (kg/m 3 )770800189011001500750
        Hot air volume (kg/h)39005400107509800650016000
        Inlet gas temperature ( oC)600165500180650570
        Material outlet temperature ( o C) 42100708075
        heating methodgasSteam heatingheavy oilCoal hot stoveheavy oilheavy oil
        Loading factor 6.377.57.818
        Speed (rpm)443.5342
        Copy board number12twenty four12twenty twoInner cylinder outer 8 
             Inner cylinder outer 16
        6 12
        Dryer diameter (m)2.01.522.3Outer cylinder 2 
             inner cylinder 0.84
        Outer cylinder 2.4 
             Inner cylinder 0.95
        Dryer length (m)201217151016
        Drive power (kw)twenty two7.515111115

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